How do the different programs work? Well, each participant is charged a set of loan processing fees. The sum of all loan processing fees less administrative cost and the maintenance fee creates a general cash pool. When a participant's total loan processing fees are received, the participants name is put on a numeric list to be paid out of the next set of available funds. A cash disbursement in the form of a check is issued and sent to the lender as a principal payment on behalf of the participant. A repayment plan is set up and the repayments received by the participant for the newly formed loan goes towards the general cash pool to help issue additional lump-sum payouts to other participants.


Step 1: Choose a Loan Program.
Step 2: Select the "Continue" button and proceed to download loan application.
Step 3: Fill out and send the loan application with payment to the return address on application.
Step 4: Allow loan application to be processed and funds to be funded for disbursement to lender.
Step 5: Check disbursed funds sent to lender on next month's billing statement.
Step 6: Mail repayment back on newly refinanced zero interest loan once invoice is received.

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